Marion Crook

Canadian author. Born in New Westminster in 1941. She studied nursing and worked as a nurse for many years in remote areas of Canada. She also farmed sheep and cattle. Later she studied education, and now researches and specialises in problems faced by teenagers. A keen writer also, she has written many children's novels, non fiction for teens and adults and a book about self-publishing. 

She has written two pony stories which are part of the
Lorimer Sports Stories series, books written about various sports by various authors and aimed at teens - some of the others in the series feature other equine sports by different authors (see links for more information).

Horse & Pony Books in the Lorimer Sports Stories Series:

Although not related to each other in terms of characters, or continuing story, both these books are part of the
Lorimer Sports Stories series, which is a library of sports related stories aimed at teens/young adults written by various aithors. Some of the other stories by other authors are also equine-themed.

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Published in hardback and paperback.
In print.
SUMMARY: Teen showjumping story set in Canada. Her father pushes her to do well in the jumping ring but Gillian is plagued by terrible nerves. Can she conquer her fears with the help of the gentle horse Hawkeye and her friend Carley?

In print.
SUMMARY: Teen barrel racing story ser in Canada. Jayleen is determined to become the top amateur barrel racer in Canada, no matter what it takes!

Collector's Info:
Used copies can be found outside of Canada, although are easier to find in the USA than the UK. They are not particularly expensive. Both books are also in print and available new in the USA from Amazon, etc.